Symposium on “New Frontiers in Advanced Polymer Manufacturing”

The thematic areas of the Symposium are: - Digitalization in Polymer Manufacturing: From Molecular to Polymer Plant Simulation. - Multimodal Polyolefins: New Catalyst and Process Advances. - Advanced Computational Methods for Prediction of End-use Properties in Terms of Polymer Molecular Architecture. - Functional Polymers for Biomedical Applications. - Green Polymers, Polymer Recycling and Reuse. - New Vistas in Advanced Polymer Manufacturing: Optimization, Control and Big Data-Driven Methods, etc.

We would appreciate hearing from you about your participation or/and interest in presenting a paper at the Symposium by 30 November 2019. Please note that the registration fee per participant is 200€ and 150€ for accompanying persons. The registration fee includes a welcome reception, coffee breaks, lunches and a gala dinner. Traveling and hotel accommodation costs will be covered by the participants. Thank you very much for your consideration of this invitation. All other details about the Symposium programme, registration procedure and hotel accommodation will be announced at a later stage.



It should be emphasized that selected manuscripts on the thematic topics of the Symposium will be submitted to “Macromolecular Reaction Engineering” Journal for review and publication in a Special Issue. All submitted manuscripts will undergo the usual peer review process by the Journal, thus, they should contain sufficiently novel research results or be comprehensive analytical reviews. We welcome the submission of original papers for the special issue of MRE by all interested authors (e.g., symposium participants, colleagues, former undergraduate and graduate students, friends, etc.). Those who are interested in contributing to the Special Issue of MRE, they have to have ready the full manuscript by the end of May, 2020, following the MRE Journal guidelines. In this case, please let us know about your intention to submit a manuscript for the Special Issue of MRE Journal. When it comes time to submit the article, please be sure to indicate that it will be for the Special Issue “Costas Kiparissides Festschrift”